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Faceless Artist No. 10

Faceless Artist No. 10


Product    Faceless Artist No.10, fanzine
Size    20 pages - 20,3 cm x 14,5 cm
Publiser    Rising from the Ashes Press
Year    2018


In Faceless Artist No.10 I interview Ulf Kristiansen about the transition from figurative painting to edgy, political, video works. Kristiansen was one of the pioneers in Norway in adopting machinima into video art.

The Art Reception
The Art Reception.

Video works featured in the fanzine:

The Art Reception: https://vimeo.com/4959016

My little Ponygirl: https://vimeo.com/4827841

The Caring Bears: https://vimeo.com/22362395

1916: https://vimeo.com/61611269

Jealous guy: https://vimeo.com/86751610

Gimme Shelter: https://vimeo.com/206625615


Ulf Kristiansen

Ulf Kristiansen